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2015 World Championships, Camp Perry, Ohio, U.S.A.
The Central West has a New World Champion (by Ron Gibson)

World Long Range Individual Shooting Champion Ben Emms

Competing in the World Long Range Championships at Camp Perry Ohio USA Lyndhurst Full Bore Rifle Shooter Ben Emms became Australia’s first World long Range Individual Champion.

The World Championships held from the 8th to the 14th August 2015, are only held every 4 years and this year over 400 Shooters from all around the world converged upon Camp Perry Ohio USA.

The World Individual Championship is a series of shooting matches contested over 3 continuous days at the distances of 800, 900 and 1000yards.
Shooters fire 2 sighting shots and 15 counting shots at each distance, with the maximum score that can be achieved being a possible 75points.

Along with fellow shooters from the Central West, Mark Thurtell from Lyndhurst Rifle Club, Nick Cock & Steve Williams from the Bathurst R.C. Ben Emms was able to finish the competition dropping just one shot and finishing the 3 days of shooting with a score of 599 out of 600.

Ben then competed in the top 10 shoot off to claim the title of World Individual Long Range Champion with a total score of 669.71.

Fellow shooters from the Central West also had an excellent competition, with Mark Thurtell Lyndhurst R C, finishing 113th with a score of 583.66, Steve Williams Bathurst R C finishing 189th with a score of 577.50 and Nick cock finishing 206th with a score of 575.60.

Other Australian shooters also fared well, winning a number of daily aggregates and West Wallsend shooter Matt Pozzebon finishing 3rd overall having also won the USA long Range Championship in a lead up shoot to the World Championships.
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