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Weekly Review 25/11/2017

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 25 November 2017, Diggers and G James Cups, 500yards
             Saturdays’ shoot was held in very light winds, predominantly from the south east, and fishtailing slightly,  but heat was the major enemy with the strong sun combined with a high humidity draining shooters as the day progressed. 
             There were a couple of good performances with Graeme Bright putting his poor ACT Queens performance behind him with a solid 100.10 double possible. Nick Cock pulled an inner four at 5 o’clock to miss his double but he matched Brights’ 10 centre bull’s eyes. Ron Gibson seemed to have it all together in his first stage 48.05 but regressed a little with his second stage 46.02.
             The advent of e-targets is being welcomed by the F class group who can rapid fire and minimize the effect of changing weather conditions. But caution is needed with more than one shooter in the first few weeks of competition finding out that concentrating on only one aspect of the shoot can very quickly lead to inattention and a shot on the wrong target. Without mentioning names it occurred again on Saturday and probably cost a grade win.
             Geoff Willis couldn’t grasp a possible but did the next best thing shooting a pair of 59’s with a total of 9 super centres. Jeff Eppleston muffed his first stage of 57.3 but regrouped with a second stage 60.5 possible to come in second on the day. Grahame Willis had a fine 60.4 first stage, but a second stage 52.2 allowed Ajay Smith to match that score. Colin Howell was steady but faded a little in the heat to finish with 113.6.
             The ACT Championships and Queens Prize meeting saw some good and some indifferent performances from BRC shooters. The highlight was Geoff Willis winning both the R A Rolfe lead-up event and the J G McIntosh Grand Champion trophy in the FTR grade. Willis’s Rolfe win was off the back of consecutive day two stage wins at 800 metres. The Queens results were a little disappointing with only Nick Cock holding up his end with a ninth placing in Target Rifle A grade.
             Ben Wright won a Queens stage in FSB grade and Willis also followed his Rolfe win with a 1st in the first 600 metre stage of the Queens. Jeff Eppleston had a first (for him) at the Queens with a shot on the wrong target destroying his chances in one foul shot. 
             The next shoot is the first 600 yard range of the Diggers and G James Cups, and a Championship range, on 2nd December.
by John Coghill
Posted by Graham on Sunday 26 November 2017 - 16:36:42printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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