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Welcome to the Bathurst Rifle Club website!

The purpose of this site is to provide information for members, visitors and those considering joining Bathurst Rifle Club.

Bathurst Rifle Club is located on Mt Panorama, Bathurst, NSW, Australia.

Established approx. 1864 as the Bathurst Militia.
Inaugurated into the New South Wales Rifle Association in the early 1870’s.
Incorporated 1992.

Catering for Long Range Target shooting most Saturdays from 1:00pm. Visitors are always welcome! Come try your scoped sporting rifle at 300yds or the clubs 308Win. or 223Rem. rifle at any range.

Bathurst Rifle Range has firing points located from 300 to 900 yards.
All classes are fired from the prone position. Target Rifle is conducted using 308Win. or 223Rem. cal. rifles using a sling and adjustable rear aperture sights. F Class Standard shoot 308Win. or 223Rem. cal. rifles using a telescopic sight, front rest or bipod with rear sandbag and F Class Open can use any calibre up to 8mm.

Bathurst Rifle Club members compete in Target Rifle and F class club competitions.
Normal Saturday afternoon club competition comprises 2x stages of 2 sighters and ten counting shots to give a max possible of 100.20 ( 20 centre bulls) for Target Rifle, or max possible of 120.20 (20 super centres) for F class shooters.

Contact Information Enquiries can be posted via our Contact Us page or join our Forums and drop in for a chat and post your questions.

For information about Joining Bathurst Rifle Club and/or Obtaining a Firearms License please refer to our FAQ section.

Range address The range entrance is located where Boundary Road meets Barry Gurdon Drive, just past Hinton Road (Pit Straight) at Mt Panorama. Google Maps Reference: -33.43821,149.546456

Full Bore Range opening times: 12:30pm - 7:00pm Saturdays. (Check BRC Program).

Thank you for visiting.

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Weekly Review 25/02/2017

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 25th February 2017, J Wilde Memorial Trophy, 900yards
            The Bathurst Rifle Range has been at its current location since 1915 and you could probably count on one hand the number of times shooters have had to contend with the easterly conditions that they encountered on Saturday.
            Easterlies are not uncommon but the strength of Saturdays wind was, and all competitors were completely at a loss as to how to read the complex changes in both strength and direction. Light added to the degree of difficulty as thunderstorms circled the range and conditions became very dark. 
            With a myriad of changes occurring at the same time it is sometimes difficult to get even the basics right, like shooting the correct target. Yes it happened to NSW State and Australian team member Nick Cock, who unlike the rest of us soon realized his error as he lined up his next shot on the same target. A change of position corrected that problem but not the loss of five points, which turned out to be the defining shot of the day.
            Steve Williams wasn’t spectacular but he was consistent, and even though he couldn’t keep out of the magpie ring nor trouble the centre bull’s eye in his second stage, his 94.04 was a class above the rest. Graeme Bright pipped Cock by a centre bull’s eye and Dennis Lavelle kept up his recent good form pressing the A graders right to the finish. Gordon Shepherd lost five points in two shots when he missed a huge wind change putting him out of contention. 
            The F-class contenders were made to look out of their depth. Grahame Willis was the most consistent of the group but his brother Geoff shooting at the tail end of the day fired off a quick 59.7 to snatch the Cock of the Walk by 4 super bull’s eyes. Jeff Eppleston celebrated his recent Australian team selection with a very forgettable 98.2/120 as Colin Howell looked on at his peers’ failures and did well to put all shots on the paper.
             Shayne Barnsley also looked on in trepidation as his task looked very forlorn. His 1880’s style black powder musket was no match for the wind as the fall of shot was all around the target, sometimes lobbing just over the top of the target, mortar style.
             Next week will be the start of the W Cutler Cup commencing at 300 yards.
G Shepherd TRA 89.05 (11) 100
D Lavelle TRB 90.03 (9) 99
S Williams TRA 94.04 (4 ½) 98 ½
G P Willis FSA 111.3 (6 ¾) 98 ¼
G S Willis FSA 111.7 (6) 98 ¼
G Bright TRA 91.05 (2 ½) 93 ½
N Cock TRA 91.04 (1 ¾) 92 ¾
J Eppleston FSA 99.2 (12) 92 ½
C Howell FSB 89.2 (12) 84 ½
Black Powder: 
Shayne Barnsley 6/100         
Posted by Graham on Sunday 26 February 2017 - 19:46:57printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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